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Tough Rides: India (2014) UK, India

The India's road challenge, unlike anywhere else.

Adventure, Documentary, TV Mini-series.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     This is the second season of the 'Tough Rides', a television travel series. After the 65 day road adventure in China, Pyle brothers back on the road with their new bikes, but this time they chose India. A little shorter than the previous expedition that got them into the Guinness World Records. Here they planned to cover 14,000 kilometers in 54 days. So they began their ride from New Delhi to the little north to the Himalayas. From there towards the south through the coastal road on the other side of the western ghats. Before getting back to New Delhi, they stretched their journey to the eastern most to a small state, Sikkim.

     It's not easy for outsiders to hit the Indian road all by themselves. Anyone who visited India knows how dangerous the Indian roads are. India has the worst road infrastructure compared with any top 10 economy in the world. The traffic rules are easily broken by the locals due to the dense population behind the automobile wheels and motorcycle bars that outnumbers the police force. At least one of the brother knew about China, but India is totally a new experience for both of them.

     I think they learnt some basics about what to do and what not. For example, respecting the culture, especially stray cows and visiting some shrines on the roadside in their journey. Still, I felt the season was a let down, I mean it was very good, except they failed to exploit their journey fully. Maybe they did for themselves for fun, but they are not on the final cut video the places like Goa, Kochi, Vivekananda Rock Memorial (which is like the India's version of the Statue of Liberty), Marina beach, Vizag et cetera.

     I felt there was some improvements in their speeches about the places they have visited. In the China's season they used to repeat the same words again and again, here they explained quite clearly, but in their own words and version. Obviously, the frustrated words were censored, but there were many negative comments as well and I think they spoke the facts, so no offense at that.

 I think you know, the journey of India is very much
a religious journey. I think we're gonna encounter lotta
different religion, lotta different faith and lotta history 

     They avoided the fall in this trip. In India that's definitely a death trap with reckless drivers around. I think I saw only one major fall that damaged the bike without affecting the journey, but later they met bike trouble. A couple of times flat tyres and support vehicle broke down. These things are supposed to happen in a quest like this, but how they have dealt it was the lesson for them as well for the viewers.

     The hospitality was good, during the troubled times, many had come forward to give a hand. But a guide in Madurai was so funny, he just uttered so many words that these brothers found hard to get it. What I liked was isolated places, the natural hidden beauties of landscapes and others. Unlike the China's edition it's hard to see places like that in India. People are everywhere and small towns and villages all along the road. So I think if you escape that then you can enjoy the real subcontinent.

     The pace was excellent, each episode is very quick and explores the different part of the nation. It is not a detailed documentary, if you like short and sweet, then it will be what you're looking for. But if you plan for a similar voyage, this won't help much, I guess. Because the Pyle brothers just showing what they're experiencing than giving guidance to their path followers.

     It would have been great if they release the uncut version, that each episode run long as 60 minutes. Anyway, I definitely suggest it. It's not only adventurous, but fun as well as filled with some serious stuffs. The background score was one of the highlights, that was so Indian. Especially in the first 3 episodes and those were my favourite along the final episode. So, what's next? I've heard the brothers going to the South American to venture in Brazil. I'm very eager to watch it, let's hope they won't disappoint us.

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