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Little Big Master (2015) Hong Kong

Some teachers inspire outside their class as well.

Original title:
Wu Ge Xiao Hai De Xiao Zhang (Contonese)


Approximately 5-minute read.

     Once I was in love with the Hong Kong films, it is my favourite Asian film industry after the Japanese, but I haven't seen any recently. Somewhere on the web I caught this film poster and I followed it to the movie database. After learnt about it I have had the urge to watch it. The most of the Louis Koo's films I saw were either action or thriller, and it is neither, as well as he's in a small role, a supporting one.

     It was based on the true story that centres a kindergarten in the rural Hong Kong. The school with a long history is now facing a threat of close down due to just five students with no teachers. All the kids hail from the poor families. After knowing this from the television a former elite headmistress Lui, who is now recovering from the surgery decides to put a hold on world tour with her hubby to take the position that offers a very low pay. So the remaining is the story that tells her effort to make the school to stand on its own, but whether it happen or not is what brings the end.

     I did not know it was a melodrama, but it was not that kind of deep sentimental film that makes you weep like your dog just died. The narration was so smooth, from the introduction of the main characters to the development to the conclusion. From all, the surprise came from the children's performances. What, they all definitely are under five years, but stunning display. And their lines were like the matured adults, which is what kind of defines it a movie, otherwise no doubt that its an inspiring drama.

 I afraid they'd fight when I'm gone.
They may kill each other and I won't see them again.
Then I'll be all alone. I'll miss them. 

     It was not all about the school, but about the personal lives as well those who comes in the main narration. While the Lui's attempt to provide everything in her capacity, reveals by focusing why those five kids' family is unable to send to another kindergarten. Like a movie with the multiple layers, but only after the first half where it takes the stretch.

     It is a good family movie, well received by the audience as well as by the critics and saw a domestic box office success. The highest grossed local movie in that year. Definitely it won't give you the impression of the freshness in the concept. You might have seen the similar flicks in other languages, but the point is to publicise the event that occurred on the other continent with the different characters and the different kind of struggle with the backdrop of the different society and its culture.

     If it was not a biography, then I don't know how much the original story was altered for cinematic version. All the three acts' were in the perfect order. I love tearjerker films, but sadly I did not wet my eyes for this and I won't expect the same from you. A movie to feel its depth through your heart. So I had a good time with it, I began my 2016 with this one and I hope you too get what you're looking for from this.

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