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Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow (2015): India

When the time is not matter, everything is possible.

Comedy, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller.

Original title:
Indru Netru Naalai (Tamil)

What's in:
Largely on-topic, Only a few off-topic, Very little spoilers, Dialogues.

Approximately 7-minute read.

     One of the proofs that Indian films are getting better every year. Very soon it will be placed next to the Hollywood, ahead of European, Japanese, Korean for sure when it comes to international revenue. Because there's fierce competition between Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and many more. Not only among the filmmakers, but fanbase as well.

     It is happening because of the younger generation. While they are experimenting and propelling to the future, the senior filmmakers and artists are wasting their reputation for mindless commercial films which is only moving backwards. It's time for non-Indians to learn about other than Bollywood and I also hate when people call all the Indian movies Bollywood.

     While 'Endhiran' making its debut, they said it will ignite the sci-fi era in Indian cinema. Half a decade has passed and of course, some films came, but this is the major time travel movie I have ever seen in the Tamil language. Though, it was a B category movie. Because the cast has no major star values other than in the local market and it was directed by an incoming filmmaker. I think it was well written screenplay, it was not an intelligent, but easily understandable by everyone. I mean even by the older and rural people.

     Time travel is not new in Indian films, but very very least explored theme. It did not waste time to explain the rules and mechanism from the basics, I think because of familiarity with Hollywood flicks among Indian audience. But still keeps a very simple story and due to layers in time (not the story), looks a little muddle. Not easy to predict, but feels like missed by a very close to fingertip.

     All in his movie, Vishnu has done a wonderful job, but only a couple of films were somewhat widely  recognised. Mainly because of the low cost movies and failed to promote, in another way to say, filmfestivel movies. Yet another similar outcome from this one which should have helped him to rise, but did not. He is a best all-rounder in the CCL's Rhino, hope his day will come as an actor well.

 Telling a girl and posting on facebook is the same.

     The other actor, Karunakaran was also excellent. He was the comedian and the sidekick before this film, but in here he one of the two leads. Like I always say, the songs are the drawback in Indian films and in this film they did not completely discarded, but reduced the numbers by around 50 per cent. The good thing is, all the songs were with the story, not some unnecessary drag to the outside of the topic.

     Fantastic visuals, the standards were pared with any major English movies. But the graphics are what, only the time machine and the rest were story with human characters. The first hour was so fun and romantic, and the remaining hour was a thriller that keeps picking the pace till the final battle. Overall a two hour movie, definitely short and sweet as an Indian film.

     I liked everything in the movie, from an attempt to make this experimental movie for the first time to production quality and performances. But, other than the songs, without the romance track in the narration, still feels impossible to survive its own as a perfect sci-fi-thriller. Excluding a few minor flaws from the movie, this is a very good film considering a low-budget Tamil movie.

     I have heard (might be rumours) there's a possible for a sequel and this time the guest actor, Arya will be making his presence in a full fledged role. It must happen, because it was a brilliant narrative that can go up to become a trilogy. Especially his star value would make the franchise reach every corner. For those who want to see it, I remind don't anticipate like of Hollywood, British films. For Indian standards, it was a much better than nonsense masala films. Highly recommended, if you have not tasted Kollywood yet, it might be a better one to begin with.

Similar movies:
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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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