Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014) Hollywood

Being pro nanny isn't an option to babysit some kids.

Drama. Music.

"Some gifts come in extraordinary packages."

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     I don't know how many you will agree with me that it was an underrated movie of the year. This film was so poetic, very unusual theme, but you have to understand it, otherwise it will be a plain babysitting movie. I believe as the filmmaker said, it was inspired by the real and so tried to be true as much as possible. The entire film was shot in just 20 days and there's no compromise in quality or the performances.

     It was a tight call, to label it as a coming-of-age movie, because the definition does not match as the boy in the film was very matured, but only the end answers for that. It all begins with a 23 year old Eleanor, who broke-up with her boyfriend, at a same time lost the job. Standing in the middle of the street knowing nothing about what to do next, luckily a job offer comes her way. A temporary nanny job, to look after a 12 year old wealthy prodigy, Reggie. Subsequently the true narration begins where these two spend those two months together.

 Welcome to the weirdness. I'm just trying to navigate
a course towards safety & sanity best way I know how.

     I have seen many movies of Leighton Meester, but not that at least one pops-out of my mind, other than maybe 'The Roommates'. This film might not bring her any awards, but definitely remembered for her simple and perfect character display. I have never seen this boy before, he was just a movie old and awesome as a genius boy. The screenplay was very naturalistic, sensitive, no twists, no sideshows, whatsoever to distract from the main focal point. There's only one perspective where the story flows in one direction, i.e., these two characters. Only the end splits as similar to the opening sequences like the before they came together.

     The movie reminded me 'Uptown Girls', except the boy in place the girl. Only for the one reason, because in both the film the kids were very smart and matured more than their nannies. One film was a comedy-drama and the other one was a music-drama. But like I earlier mentioned, the end scene leaves a new dimensional meaning of the movie you have watched and understood from the initial parts. 

     It runs at the pace of a snail, so requires patience, but the music was so sweet that you might adapt the slow narration and drift till the end like I did. The film is not proving anything, but just an another perspective of one of the human emotion from the millions relating to the relationship and its uncertainty. The best way to get the movie is trying to understand the fusion of the characters from their mentality, not by the physical appearances. I suggest simply to skip it if you are looking for an entertainment or the inspiration, because it is none of that. An ordinary flick with an emotional conclusion and only a very few would end in happy of seeing it.

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