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Traces of Sandalwood (2014) Spain

A tale of two sisters.


Original title:
Rastres de Sàndal (Catalan)

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Approximately 4-minute read.

     When two nations and it's two different culture meets. Well, I have been waiting for this movie since not so long. It's sad that it was released only in the domestic circuit, but international market would have popularised it. Usually audience welcome this kind multi-cultural themes. I would say poor promotions for such a wonderful movie. It's not a celebratable film, very artistic with the slight touch of Bollywood. The film was based on the book of the same name which deals with the contents on the basis of facts, mostly, about rural India to the first world.

     It talks about how quickly the life changes. Whether it is good or bad, easy or hard, decisions have to be taken in some tight circumstances. So when you reach a certain point of your life and you look back, you would realise those turning points pulled you to this current life. This film about two sisters who forced to separate at an early stage of life, later who grown up in the different world reveals how they take the truth.

     The story was short, which suits perfectly to be a short film. But this film managed to run long as the 90 minutes. The stretch was the only issue in this narration, because kind of teases being close to the conclusion but it does not. The topic was powerful, so all the lag are exploited to demonstrate the character bahaviours. More like discovering yourself, your past and your origin and all.

 What is painful is to wake up every single day
not knowing if she's okay.

     It was the ideal cast, I liked each and every character, well classified. But all the focus was on the two sisters and a slightly lets in the romance track as more like a subplot or to fill the void that much needed to stretch the story briefing. The story had a strong initiation and its ends with the same intensity. In the middle, it leaps too long ahead, leaving those journeys in the life that one must go through till to set free him/herself. That means to be an adult, so that you can determine your path.

     The film's goal is to signify the two sister's stories together as much as possible, not individually. In some part of the movie, emotionally appeals. The end was good, though disappoints from the other side of the family. The solution was either way, but curiosity arises what might happen after the end. The scientists are looking for who we're and where did we come from, but many among us have their own identity crises. This kind of identity research films feels so good to watch. I recommend it for everyone, but remember you can't be me and you can't feel it as I did.

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