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Force Majeure (2014) Sweden

Family defines unity, in whatever circumstances.

Comedy, Drama.

Original title:
Turist (Swedish)

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On-topic, Off-topic, Spoilers, Dialogues, Character and story discussion.

Approximately 4-minute read.

     A Swedish dark comedy film, about a family and their vacation on the French Alps. It is not my favourite flick, but liked it a lot because of the refreshing theme. A satisfiable storytelling with the beautiful visuals of white planet.

     It does not feel like a dark comedy, I had some good laughs, I mean the louder ones. I was surprised how cleverly the phases changed in the narration. Starts off like a normal family on the trip, but slowly reveals their hidden natures of the individuals.

     Sometimes, vacations are not to relax, it will change the course of your life. What we do, how we behave and presence of mind are the key factors. Being a member of a family requires extra alter, especially if you are a man of the family.

     It was just a brief story that was divided into five episodes and each covers one whole day event of the family that spends. Each day was different than the others. All the good, the bad and the weird days sliced into the happy, emotional and embarrassing incidents of the day.

     Most of the story is a debate over the matter that happened in the earlier part. How a happy middle class family affected and progressing to be a dysfunctional was told in the later parts.

     The scenes take place either in the resort or in the skiing expedition. A couple of other characters join the family and makes much more interesting developments. There were some unwanted scenes, but it quite gives the vacation atmosphere.

 I spent 2 years in therapy & it didn't do a damn thing.
Then I screamed for 5 mins & felt a hell of a lot better.

     Whenever I thought it almost concluded, the new twists approached. The last quarter makes this film special for giving an unexpected decent solution. But all the laugh riot is in the opening half.

     I will be happy if the family returns for a sequel that set somewhere on the other continent. Not without the character Mats, because I liked that role. Better to say the red-beard-man inside that character was awesome. It was a small appearance, but so good.

     After seeing this film, I think, definitely men would be cautious for the similar kind of situation in their lives. It is a lesson to learn without being in the actual scene. Enjoyable flick, and again not for everyone due to the sluggish pace.

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