Thursday, March 19, 2015

Melody (1971) United Kingdom

Who knows where and to whom the love bug bite.

Comedy, Drama, Romance.

"They said they were too young to fall in love."

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      It was originally known as 'S.W.A.L.K.', which means 'Sealed With A Loving Kiss', but for the foreign markets changed to as it's now. A pleasant surprise. Really. That I did not expect. Sometimes some movies are not meant to go and get as much it can, I mean I'm talking about the revenue. Yes, this movie had kind of disappointing domestic box office, though did fairly well outside. I am glad for seeing this wonderful film.

     I have seen 'A Little Romance', 'My Girl' and many more (find them in 'Similar movies' on below), I really love them, but this one was, just wow, made me speechless. When I want to remember or to suggest if somebody asks about children romance themes to watch with their children, nephew and niece, this one would definitely pop-out first for sure. Worth spending time together for this.

     The cast was so good. Everyone was excellent, from teachers, principle to parents and co-stars. Especially top three character performance leaves a mark to remember. No doubt why people created cult classic concept, so this movie will live on forever in fans unlike box office giants that comes with so big and fades away so fast. I already saw it a couple of times, mainly because of the clean blend between performance, music and innocent story theme.

‘‘When is the wedding, Danny lover boy?’’

     The music was another plus point. All the soundtracks were very catchy and melodic like the title. The Bee Gees have done an exceptional job. Now I got another half a dozen of music tracks for my 'film songs' collection. I sometime hum 'Daaa dee da dee da da dah' and 'Melody fair' without my knowledge. Who doesn't love the 70s music, come on.

     Many had liked the film because it brings their childhood memories. And so it did to me. Makes how much we miss those days what we did when we were lack of awareness about the real world. Such concept was this movie where two preteen kids fall in love, but in a result the story takes an unorthodox, quirky twist. Initially it starts off with a friendship theory and slowly marks its destination to advance in that direction.

     Apart from the leading two, Melody and Daniel, the third character called Ornshaw was equally good who is a troublesome which makes one of our favorite. His masterplans and chewing gum are the highlight of that role and the movie. In one of the scenes where parents try to convince  their children about the love and life was very touching.

     The way it ends is what I love the most and I don't want to know what is going to happen next. Like a fairy tale 'happily ever after' or maybe opposite, but we know there's a lot we are not going to know what they do the rest of their life till death comes. hehehe. I have not said the 'a must watch' for a long time, so here it goes that you must try this one.

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