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India's Daughter (2015) India, UK

It's BBC's, that doesn't mean everything is so right.

Documentary, Crime.

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Approximately 8-minute read.

     When British Raj banned martial arts in India thinking which might go against them that was totally abolished from the Indian system forever. And before that when Mughal invaded India, a large portion of India's culture was submerged together with Islam, especially in the northern region and that made women exclusively home tool.

     I'm saying it because one of the convict in this documentary film accused his victim and all the women for the incident by saying "A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy... A decent girl won't roam around at 9 o'clock night... Housework and housekeeping are for girls, not roaming discos and bars at night doing wrong things, wearing wrong cloths."

     My first reaction was he deserved to be killed on the spot when these words came out of his filthy mouth. I thought the defense lawyer was doing his job, but then what he said was a low-class comment than what the convict said that was totally disgusting. I better not to write it here those dirty things.

     How come someone right to decide 'what to do' and 'do not' for others, and also involve in private affairs. In India, people won't mind their own business. Pissing and littering on the roadside is not an issue to solve, but showing concern over others' personal matters due to jealousy is. I bet if you were born in India, the first thing you do on your 18th birthday is to get a visa, passport and fly away.

     The most disgusting documentary film I've seen recently, probably after 'The Act of Killing'. Not because of the way it was shot and presented, but the contents it exposes to us are. Some are saying it was not cent per cent true, but the thing is whatever the percentage is, somewhat it uncovers the real incident. Yes, the experts' interviews in the film were not that great (even the policeman gives a pathetic statement) and everything that revealed was the story from a convict's perspective. There is no balance in narration from both the end, except the parents of the victim.

     Looks like it was shot in a tight circumstances, failed to get more people who are related to the incident. Especially the victim's companion on the incident night should have been in it. The Indian government also must accept the facts than thinking it hurts the nation's image. The Indian home minister said the filmmaker using the event for commercial benefits, I don't see Shah Rukh's romance, Akshay's stunts or Hrithik's dance moves. The viewers must keep in their mind before a watch, that BBC movie means it does not so right and perfect. The directed had no experience in making documentaries, it should have been someone professional.

     They should have come up with more resources which is what lacked in this feature. Something was missing, well almost because it was a small slice in a whole portion, so what about the remaining? Who's going to unfold, definitely no one after the huge oppose and surrounded controversies. Like what the male victim said, only he and she know what happened that fateful night, but one else.

‘‘16th December 2012, New Delhi’’

     Ancient Hinduism recognized 'sex' is a very important asset for human life. Not gold, silver or diamond that might lose its value some day, but not men and women coming together are. So the rule for desire was invented and it became the 'Kama Sutra'. Like I said Islam is against openly speaking it. If you visit ancient temples in India there are evidences that damaged sculptures you would see are represented sexual contents.

     So in the land of Kama Sutra everything is misguided in the modern world while passing through the art and culture to next generations, due to collision of religion. Thus India is a messed up state compared to a thousand years ago. Diversity is not a proud word to say, it is only a confusion between the things for those who are neglected.

     The only solution is, to educate people, which is a great issue in the lower class Indians who live a life which is not worth living for ('Slumdog Millionaire' is a good example), and science must take over from here on from everything. The over population is the first thing the Indian government must take an immediate measure to control it like their neighbor, China. I'm saying it because if the Indian justice court tolerate against harsh punishments then they must correct it from its root cause.

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