Friday, January 31, 2014

The Broken Circle Breakdown (2012) Belgium

Old contents, but in a new and awesome look.

Drama | Music | Romance

     The 86th academy award is ruled by the European nominees in the foreign movie category. The movie took the advantage of nonlinear storytelling. From present to past to future. Frequently everything keeps delivering the surprises. If you arrange all the story together properly, you would find a typical thematic. I must say the editing was what made the movie a better product. I think the best one I have seen from the recent on the editing perspective. Sadly, it was snubbed, in that category for 2014 OSCAR. This cancer theme movie is well deserved a place in the shortlist for foreign the foreign movie category.

     What I found short in the movie was the emotions. They had sufficient, but did not convince me all along. I usually wet my eye for the cancer theme when a character dies of it. But in this movie I grieved along the other character, but could not find a drop. All I was interested in fascinating characters. It was over a 100 minute movie, but I felt the pace was in a hurry. The transformation of a scene to another had broad skip in the timeline. When you watch the kid being treated for her ill in the first phase, in the next scene you would find her in a critical stage. Like that, it was racing towards the next stage of story development.

     It was kind nice to see two different characters falling in love and have a baby without knowing the consequences. They face it only when it begins to happen. So the story being told in that context in many pieces of flashbacks. The country musics and songs were good. The performances were also very natural from both the leads. It was well made from the directional viewpoint because of the well known contents to make it believable. In one word, it is well adapted stage play into a full length feature.

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