Monday, November 25, 2013

A Hijacking (2012) Denmark

A realistic drama about most dangerous negotiation.

Drama | Thriller

Kapringen (Danish)

      One of the best movie from Denmark based on the real event. It tells about a commercial ship's hijack in the Indian ocean by the Somalian pirates. I have read many articles in newspapers from the past few years about these pirates and Indian navy who came to rescue the ship and the crew. I even thought a movie about it, so finally I am glad to see 'A Hijacking'.

      Well it was a pure and realistic drama, if you thought of the commercial movie presentation then you will be disappointed. Following the ship hijack the pirates send a message to the company that the ship belong to asking big ransom. Then the corporate reacts asking confirmation of the crew alive to proceed further with their demands. Due to the lack of proper communication the conversation ends in undeveloped and drags for months. As a viewer, sometime you will feel hollow for the idle in story telling. Which may bore some people to frequently pause and play kinda presentation. That is all to bring the real time feel of the situation that takes place over a 4 months from hijack to release of the ship.

      When they engage in negotiation, on the other side where the ship crews are held as hostage are begin affect in delusion for lack of good food and loneliness in their trapped room. There are few scenes in the movie that makes more nervous all the sudden. As the story nears to the end it concludes without much surprise. Like one of the movie characters ask, is that it? Probably not, then comes the real twist in tale on the perfect moment for a simple reason. And that's the powerful ending leaving a guilt feeling to a character even after he was released and free to meet his family.

      As another Danish movie 'The Hunt' is all set to enter into the short list for American Academy Awards this movie lost its place to participate in the big even. After seeing this movie, I kinda expecting better and different story in Tom Hanks 'Captain Phillips' that I yet to see. Coincidentally both the movies deals about the cargo ship hijack from the Somalian pirates.

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