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Seven Something (2012) Thailand

Three different generations and their romance.

Original title:
Rak Chet Pi Di Chat Hon (Thai)

Drama, Romance.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     This is my latest Thai film and it's an anthology. It was released quite a while back, but I'm only watching it now. Directed by three different filmmakers for three different segments. One of the them was from 'Fan Chan', also known as 'My Girl'. It was not the best Thai film I've seen, yet not much disappointed with the overall film. The reason was the anthology. When the multiple stories compressed in one film, it always depends on each segment. You might like one or two, if not all or the whole film. But the bad luck is if you do not enjoy any of it. Then it will be a shoddy work than a normal concept film in the similar state.

     So, you must know what the title means before jump into to watch it. 'Seven Something' is like for every seven years, love changes. That's what the tagline says. Means you know, the romance at the beginning and the same romance a few years later are not going to be the same for some people in most of the scenarios. Getting used to it is one of the ways to make it work, but what if the kind of romance you have fallen in for, is excessive at some point later in your life. That's the story of the first segment, which is named '14'.

     It revolves around a teenage romance. As in the todays world, there's no life without social media. How those platforms became the youngsters daily life routine was told in here. From all, 'YouTube viral' concept was the majorly focused on it. People do videos for many purposes, including profession, talent exhibit, but for some it is just for fun. This was really needed for the at present internet culture the youngsters adopted. So I felt it was a very good message, awareness part of all three stories. The slight let down was, that I am not familiar with the Thai internet culture which differs from nation to nation. Though the fame getting out of them are same everywhere in the world.

 I'm just one person. Without me, you'll be fine. You have 10,000 people who love you out there. 

     The second segment was about the film actors and their torn romance. It was named '21/28'. After the good start, I anticipated it to be another fine tale, but it was not. I did not like it. It has been just a decent one. It all revolves during the time between the film called 'Sea You' and its sequel 'Sea You Again'. The whole nation knows their breakup, because of their fight in public stages. The attempt was made by them to patch, but does it work or not is the remaining is to reveal.

     Too sentimental, but not to be felt kind it belongs. Everything was on the screen, between the two characters, though failed to touch its viewers with its softness. If you are familiar with Thai films and its culture, that might help you to enjoy it better. I don't know. There are other actors those I've seen in other Thai films can be seen in the guest appearances. Especially the final credits have a music track where they all come to dance with a lip sync. What disappointed me the most was to learn this tale was from the 'My Girl' famed director.

     The third and final segment was about a middle aged TV journalist and her romance with a younger man. This part was known as '42.195'. She has a reason for her depression in life. Then one day, she accidentally meets a marathon runner which going to change her life forever. But it's not easy in the circumstance of life she's in. Their little friendship, how it develops to an unexpected level of bond is what covered in the rest of the section. And again, I liked this segment. Very meaningful and realistic. The best performances by the pair of the entire film. I think you have to be an adult like the late 20s or more to enjoy it better.

     The three tales are connected as they all set in the same timeline and the universe. Each one is to entertain different generation audiences. So when you watch it, you would know which is yours. Nearly 40-45 minutes for each segment. And the overall runtime was a bit excessive which could unfavours for some viewers. As well as the paces differs in all the three. Should have been improved the screenplay in a few parts, particularly the middle tale. Otherwise, it is not a bad film, but when it comes to suggesting others, I'm not sure to thumb up. It is a less known film, and like I had a mixed feeling, it might work for you as well, or even better, maybe not. So choose it wisely.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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