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Unforgettable (2016) South Korea

A summer holiday to remember forever.

Original title:
Soonjung (Korean)

Also known as:
Pure Love

Drama, Romance.

Approximately 5-minute read.

     'Tearjerker' is not a genre, but it has a special status in Korean films. Normally I like this kind of themes, though in some films they are excessive which spoils the watch. Not understanding that from the cultural point of view might be one of the reasons. Anyway, this film has a strong emotional conclusion that you will know from the first scene itself. Because of briefing the relationship between the friends were intentionally done.

     It is also known as 'Pure Love'. From a new director with mostly fresh faces in the lead. Well, the narration has to two timelines. It opened in the present world and the remaining tale was a flashback that went back to around 25 years ago in the 90s. If you are a 90s kid, you will feel closer to it than anybody else. Especially for the setting of the tale, just like watching a straight 90s released film. It also feels like a rural version of 'Sunny', mainly because of the friendship, but not comparable in any other way.

     It's about the five friends and four of them returns to their island village for the school summer break. The other one is a handicapped, so she's not following dreams like her friends. That's where the problem begins. She presses hard to get normal like everybody else, so she can fly like a free bird anywhere she wants. On the side of the tale, two of her best friends has a strong feeling for her. But realsing that and whom she's going to choose comes with a twist before the film enters its final stage.

 Love is like marathon. You might feel behind now, but if you keep running you'll reach the goal. 

     The trends of the 90s, particularly in the rural, how kids responded was briefed so nicely. Like similar timeline films, the audio cassettes are among the popular things. But in the remaining film, everything else were shared without focusing on any particular thing. So you won't know what way it is heading. That's a good thing, but slightly goes off the track. Maybe you can call it a stretch to fill the screenplay. Still you won't feel any lagness in any part of the narration. Overall, everything looked at its places, so the film easily accomplishes its goal which is obviously a bit cliche.

     Yes, the end is not something you are seeing it for the first time, though it worked. I think that's how it should be. In some films while trying to avoid it, they mess it up. But still my upset with this film is the crucial twist did not make much of sense. I could have written about it in detail, but that's a big spoiler. So I indirectly mention it that the boy easily accomplishes while the experts couldn't. But overall, that part needed a little more in detail to explain how it all happened. In another way, the shortness helped the pace to keep up and also avoiding too muchness usually work and it did.

     So it could be easily a film for all ages. Particularly keeping in mind many things like the 90s kids who are in their adulthood now would anyway attracted to it and revolving around teenagers, brings them as well into the same coverage. Being sentimentally filled tale, the family audience won't feel they are left out. From the performances to the production, including the direction was appreciable. It is no masterpiece nor guaranteed that it would emotionally appeal everybody. Just a simple fine looking film, so watching it for once's worth. So now you know whom I'm going to suggest it.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

Similar movies:
Echoes of the Rainbow, Sunny, Baaria, Cinema Paradiso, Magnifico.

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