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Assassination Classroom (2015) Japan

A strange tale of class E.

Original title:
Ansatsu Kyoshitsu (Japanese)

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Science Fiction.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     I had zero idea about the film. Anybody who reads the title correctly would think it might be a horror or a crime-thriller. It was the same case for me as well. This is a strong name for a children's film, particularly in the west. Remember 'Jack the Giant Killer' was renamed as '...Giant Slayer' for the same reason. But adults do not care, especially the youngsters. Such films are measured by how much blood shed. Anyway, it was well designed. From the story to the characters.

     So this was adapted from a famous manga series of the same name. Recently an anime series as well made out of it and was received so well. The creativity has no limits, that's how Japanese manga and animes flourished when the western world shifted their focus on 3D animation. Even the Marvel and DC made a bigger stride in motion pictures. This is an alien invasion theme, but very unique, probably only kind. It is more like a computer game than a film. Just take a gun and have a great time killing the strange creature(s). Just like most of the films in the 'Resident Evil' franchise.

     From the director of 'Oppai Valleyball'. The film is about the students and their class E from a junior high school that was invaded by an alien intelligence. He who claims the responsibility for most part of the moon's disappearance and pledged to do the same to earth by the end of the year. Now with the full support of government and armed agencies, the class E students are given full license to kill the alien and win the great prize. Provided them human friendly weapons and assassination training, the game begins.

 Even though he's a powerful who can destroy the world, everyone is saying he's quite good at teaching. 

     By learning the storyline, you might think it is easy, but that's the trick part. Because Korosensei (the name was given to it by class E students) is lightening fast and no bullet can hit him. You can call it something like Japanese version of 'The Flash'. Even he looks like a smile emoji with weird smiling sound, but the facial expression changes according to the situations like the different emoticons.

     The concept of the film definitely looks great for manga and anime, but live-action is different and they did make it work. The film was close to two hours, and they filled it with quite interesting stuffs. That means I did not face any trouble with the film's pace. Most of the story takes place in the classroom and its surroundings. Great character, as well, well developed story at different levels to make it a good entertaining product.

     Despite Korosensei is the villain, he was quite likeable character. His dialogues, his dedication in teaching, he can be easily forgiven, but his threats are very serious. It's a matter of defending the earth and human pride. So that's the major difference between humans, including class E and him. But all this is in a comedy film, that's the great about the film. Honestly, I did not get a few jokes, as they are meant very close to the Japanese sense of humour. But still a very enjoyable film by outsiders.

     There's already a sequel was made by the same director called 'The Graduation', but it was not as successful as this one. I can't rule out anything till I saw it myself. Hope I would see it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you haven't seen it yet, surely worth an attempt. But don't expect too much fancy like the western sci-fis. If you are familiar with the Japanese style of storytelling, you would know your limit. Like many manga adaptations to the big screens, I'm very thankful. Because I'm unlucky to get a chance to read those mangas as I can't get them anywhere near me. Anyway, I'm not a book guy, but films. So this format works for me and I'm loving it.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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