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Italian Race (2016) Italy

Winning the race, winning the family.

Original title:
Veloce Come il Vento (Italian)

Drama, Sport.

Approximately 6-minute read.

     The film was loosely based on the true story of some Italian rally racer. I didn't recognise any of the actors or the director, but I really enjoyed watching it. The film was two hours long, but worth giving a try. I anticipated something different, though what I got was kind of unexpected. If you read the title correctly, you as well think it is a pure race film. The film was well balanced between sports and the family drama. As well as there some funs and highlights the family bond, particularly about the siblings. It was a quite good film for me, but then it all depends on your interest that will decide how much you are going to like it.

     It is about a teen GT racer whose father had died during she was racing. After the incident, her life begins to fall apart. She's surviving with a younger brother, but their mother left them a long ago. Not so certain about their future, especially the house which they are going to lose soon if she lose the upcoming championship. That's where her older brother who ran off long ago comes back. But he's a junkie and needed a place, so comes crashing down with her in the house. Despite his condition, she learns his capability, so offers him a job. Now this duo, as a family and professionally, what they are going to achieve is what follows in the remaining segments.

     In some parts, the older brother character seemed like a intentional. Like since his entry and his behaviour, most of the viewers would know where this story is going to head. But there are some turns in the midsection, in addition to give depth to his character, as well as to the story. I mean to define how he's changing along the story progression. Though when the film started, he was like in a supporting role, and then the takeover had happened slowly and unexpectedly. Particularly the end event, I did not think he would be on the roll.

 I take a curve at 200 mph and you are worried if I have sex? 

     On the other end, I was looking for that young racer to give some spectacular stunt sequences. Then realised this is not a 'Fast and Furious' kind film, but the conclusion was. Yep, I did not expect that after what I saw in the previous 95 per cent of the narration. Because it was like a struggle between desperate to accomplish in a sport and saving themselves from the legal life, since they both are minors. Like I said before, theirs older brother was designed to influence on them in a situation like this.

     Don't go for it thinking it is a sport film, especially impossible high end stunts. The races were the part of the film, but focused on different points in the different segments. Mostly about the life events. Very interesting characters. Three sibling, but belong to three different generations. Theirs bonding was the highlight.

     The actors who played those roles were superb. In the first half it was that teen girl and then her older brother in the remaining narration. His final race event was what this film turned into a different perspective. More like the 'Fast and Furious' kind, so I think if they are planning for a sequel, they should focus on that kind of plot. Because that will commercialise the product and makes to promote the film itself internationally. Originally it was about the family, so I afraid that does not happen.

     The overall film was interesting enough to hook with it, but if you had seen lots of Hollywood films on the same theme, you won't be pleased with the race events, except maybe the final one. One of the reasons is that it is a drama-sports, not an action or thriller or a crime-sports. The film was overwhelmed by the drama ingredient. No cops, no villain involved. If they do, not excessively. I think they did not spend much on the film production, though the quality was so good. Whatever the others thought, for me it was just a good film. One time watchable film. I did not like it as much I can suggest it to the others, so I hope you would make a right choice on this.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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