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Jesse Stone: Stone Cold (2005) USA

Serial killer in the Paradise.

Crime, Drama, Thriller, TV Movie.

Approximately 6-minute read.

Part-I review:
     Remember a year ago I reviewed the Hallmark's 'Love Comes Softly' film series, at the end, I said, I would come up with a different franchise for the next year and now I'm here with this cop story. After watching 'Maigret Sets a Trap', I found this and got interested, so the following weeks are going to be all about Jesse Stone in this blog.

     It was based on the detective novels written by Robert B. Parker. Right now there are 9 films in the series and still many more to come in the coming years. Originally made for CBS network and these films are usually R rated for drugs, violence, nudity and other strong contents, that's expected from a cop theme. Unlike the last year's G and PG television films, these are for adults and sometimes suits matured teens.

     This is the pilot episode in the Jesse Stone film series, but an adaptation of the fourth book. Because you know the first impression is very important in any field, especially in the art and entertainment. So they had thought it was strong enough to get the large number of viewers and now it is a successful franchise with a good number of fan base. Don't worry about the proper introduction, at a relaxed atmosphere, it's set to begin with a simple crime solving plot.

     Sets in a small fictitious town called Paradise, but revolved around the title character Jesse Stone that beautifully played by Tom Selleck. The film opened with a mysterious death of a man whose body was found near the seashore early morning by a commuter. In a casual way Jesse enters the scene and begins his work. He finds no clue, but shelters the dead man's dog in his marsh house.

     The very next day another case lands in his hand. Due to its sensitiveness, goes unregistered where he has to deal it differently. A few days later when another identical death follows, the town becomes a bit tense and forces him to pick up the pace of the investigation. But he calmly draws a strategic plan to find who did it and nab him. So what comes next is the final act where an interesting twist takes place before concluding the tale stylishly.

 I'm the police chief. I know everything. 

     Jesse is a unique character, like from the similar top cop films. But that is only from this very first film's impression, lets wait and see how different he's in the other films. Here he does not wear the uniform, drinks a lot during off the duty, no serious friends or any families and always gives a straightforward reply, but very honest, particularly when it comes to his profession. By the end of the film, you might learn about him and his qualities, but still there are lots of things remains a mystery and those are going to be clarified in the following films, I suppose.

     Made for the television, yet this is quite a remarkable quality. Even if it was released on the big screen, no one would have complained seriously on anything. I think wonderfully written screenplay and concentrated only those what matters, especially being the first film to keep very simple as much as possible. The length was good, just near the 90 minutes. But overall pace was excellent, particularly all the character development which actually lacked, except Jesse, but somewhat becomes familiar during the midway and makes easier by the end to follow it.

     To be frank, I anticipated an average flick, but surprised for its biggest entry in the first film itself. Here the 'biggest' means the style, the trademark it sets and to come back in the installments possibly maintain the same throughout the series. The director did good and so his actors, especially the supporting cast well backed the Selleck to it in a lead right path. The New England's misty weather adds the perfect flavour for this crime-mystery-drama.

     It actually holds no mystery, particularly about the suspect. For the viewers, it is revealed in the early stage itself, but still it managed to get our full attention drawing the other way of the story how the cops and suspect confront without disclosing their identities to each other. This is where the original writer, the author should be appreciated for his good work.

     I have said many times and I'm saying it again that I'm not a reader, but I love watching literature based films and I'm happy they have made this one, otherwise I would have missed such a cool detective story. If you are like me, then you should give it a try. But remember I might sometimes overexcited during reviewing the films, so I might be praising a lot, but still this film worth those mentions I did. It's a terrific beginning and I hope the next film as well remains the same level. So guys I will meet you in there.

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Jesse Stone: Night Passage

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