Thursday, December 24, 2015

Turbo Kid (2015): New Zealand, Canada

Inspired by the comics to defeat an enemy.

Action, Adventure, Science Fiction.

Approximately 5-minute read.


     It was made in the style of the 80s movie and the story sets in the future, that mean in the late 90s. If your childhood were the 90s, probably you would have seen plenty of the 80s sci-fi films and this one is dedicated to the fans of that era. Kind of semi-superhero movie like 'Super' and 'Defendor'. Other than that this film has nothing to do with 'New Kids Turbo' and its sequel 'Nitro' as I initially presumed it might the third in the series.

     I thought it was a pretty cool flick, so much fun. Sort of replicates the recent 'Mad Max' film, but both the flicks came into the production at a same time and this one is not all about the chasing or even a road flick. So I think it just inspired by the previous trilogy from that franchise, where automobiles are replaced by the BMXes here. Kind of eco-friendly movie!

     As the many post-apocalyptic themes depicted, this one as well prioritised about a regional conflict for the source of water. A territory where a ruthless man controlled it and he kills who pose a threat to his crown. There comes an act of revenge from a boy and a girl along a man who challenge him. Who's going to that win the battle is what the finale of the movie.

 A man never knows how strong he is
until being strong is the only choice he has. 

     The first impression was the movie is for all, especially for the kids, but once the action parts begin to take place, my stance has changed. There are no high-end stunts, but too much of blood and gore. Although, nothing was so serious, somehow keeps entertaining and sometimes slightly disgusting, but the momentum was held at a moderate pace throughout the film.

     The character Apple was so sweet and cute who actually lifted the movie's spirit with her funny, bubbly part, but also disappoints to learn the what's her kind is. Pretty much she helped to bring faintly a romantic atmosphere around which I was not expected. A simple story and a simple twist with the good characters and the fine supporting visuals.

     Definitely an above average, but still not that awesome, excepting it is very enjoyable for the first watch. The filmmakers were the quite newcomers, but proved enough with their abilities, under a limited budget to give an acceptable standard flick. If you are okay with the B flicks, then it won't upset you, except you are not familiar with those types. I think it will hit a cult status moving into the next decade and so on among the B movie fans.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

Similar movies:
Mad Max films, Waterworld, The Road, The Book of Eli, Escape from New York.

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