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The Day of the Crows (2012) France, Belgium

When the wild-child meets the world.

Animation (2D), Drama, Fantasy.

Original title:
Le Jour Des Corneilles (French)

What's in:
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Approximately 4-minute read.

     I have seen a few French animations like 'Eleanor's Secret', 'Zarafa' and others. They were so cute, unlike Hollywood's, these were targeted for the children, but adults can watch them as well. No logic can be expected since it is an animation, it ain't masterpiece either, but a pure fantasy tale and the honest entertainment piece. The plot was loosely based on the French children's book of the same name and a feature film debut for the director. Obviously a low budget film, but nothing short to be a high quality flick.

     This was not a movie with the beautiful character models like from the Disney fairytales, but they were adorable and enjoyable by the portrayal. That's what I always like in the European animations. Technically sounds good, but the stories are what so special in the French animations. This was about a nameless boy, who lives in the heart of the forest with his father. All his life lived within the circle of a boundary, but what happens once he crosses it is what the story that explores.

     The boy was the centre of the story, his adventures, discoveries and understanding of the human civilization is the movie. The boy's character was not unusual, he has been just like the other version of Tarzan or Mowgli of the French version, who is a feral and curious about the world. Everything going to change when he meets the other creatures of his own and a girl of his age. The circle of life repeats, to break the curse and brings the curtain to the sweet narration.

 Our forest stands in the middle of the sky.
And the stars turn
around like the beast attached to his stake.

     The end describes the meaning of the title. It was a 90 minute movie, but feels too short. If we talk about the film characters, Jean Reno rendered his voice to one of the main characters. As the characters rough in the looks, the story as well not that pleasant. Of course it is a children's movie, but character behaviours were rough and tough like the father bashing his son, huntings and deaths. Violent, but smooth and clever which are acceptable.

     The 2D animation has died only a decade ago in the Hollywood, but great to see them still alive in the other part of the world, but facing the recognition problem which might lead to extinction. I have grown watching the cartoons, but now feels like time to say goodbye not too long from here. Now I am monitoring attentively the new products so that I can keep updating in the last hours of this awesome technology. I recommend this film for all ages. As far as the movie, it delivers what was intended to tell. Hope you like the film, as I tried to convince in this review.

Similar movies:
The Secret of Kells, Eleanor's Secret, The Jungle Book, Zarafa, The Painting.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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