Friday, September 19, 2014

The Butterfly's Dream (2013) Turkey

A story of achievers whom vanished before the knows them.

Biography, Drama, History, Romance.

Original title:
Kelebeğin Rüyasi (Turkish)

     A Turkish biographical drama selected to represent the country in the 86th Academy Awards and as we know it was not nominated. The 'Rhino Season' actor starred in a prominent role and directed the movie. This was not a based on the famous people, I don't know honesty, but it is only a my guess after seeing the movie.

     It is set in a small Turkish mining town around the time when the second world war was fought in Europe. It talks about two close friends Rustu and Muzaffer in their twenties who aspires to become poets. Craze about typewriters and their life depends on the poem they publish it in the book and weekly magazines. One day they meet a beautiful young women Suzan, daughter of a wealthy businessman and after that their life instantly change with lots of adventures and sorrow.

‘‘If a poet spends too long in a poetic setting
with a philistine, his poetry dries up.’’

     I loved the cast and performances. To see their act it was so real, a soul filling character representation. And then the fourth one called Mediha introduced when the story marched almost to the end, but she was good as well alongside the director himself as the fifth main role. The love story was very interesting, but can't say awesome, especially when it ends with a twist that was the moment in the narration peaks so high.

     So what's the wrong with the movie was, it did not strengthened exposing characters to the deep. Without initial development it moves on and on to the different set of places in the story. The romance portions were not quite delightful because the whole scenario related to that was like a friendship thing. But it had a reason that only comes out at the end that you have to wait until then.

     As from the literature perspective, it was one great inspiring biopic about two faded personalities from the history before the world knowing them. And as from romance and friendship side, it had different level of shades that one can go through in life, I mean like happiness, grief, adventures, survival, disloyal etc. One of the best Turkish movie so far I have seen. Those who are interested in biographical movies and literature should check it out, but remember it is about romance and friendship as well.

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