Monday, April 21, 2014

Foosball (2013) Argentina

A call for a rematch from foosball to football.

Animation (3D) | Adventure | Comedy | Sport

Original title:
Metegol (Spanish)

"Being small has never been greater."
"Back together again?"

     A 3D animated sport-movie from Argentina. I do not hail from a football crazy country like South America or Europe, though I love the game. This movie was about foosball, a table football and its game characters.

     This story follows when a professional footballer Grosso challenged his old enemy Amadeo to play football on a real turf after he was narrowly lost in a foosball game to him a long ago. Amadeo had no choice but to accept the challenge when his town is under a threat and to save his girlfriend. He's clueless about the preparation and game plan, but under some circumstances foosball characters come to life which offers support to build a team. And what comes next is the most excited game in the last quarter of the movie.

     It was a terrific idea like 'Night at the Museum' and many other movies, but lost to a bad story and execution. Technically it had the upper hand than the entertainment side. I love the animation, especially the foosball characters, very nicely created. A movie that had all the qualities to be a fine short animation than a full length feature. Unfortunately, it was based on a short animation and failed to stretch its runtime with some good scenes.

     It was obvious that the many parts of the movie were dull due to poor transition between the scenes. I think the screenwriter was clueless about what to add and not. A great achievement, according to the Argentinian animation industry. But the storyline and characters were more local cultural tradition than universal appeal which might influence audience from the other parts to draw out of the interest except children and foosball fans. The movie was not fun at all, it was pretty serious which should have not been. In my guess I believe adding more jokes should have saved the movie. At least the movie can be watched once with a lower expectation than that from Hollywood.

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Tween, Teen, Adult, All

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Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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