Friday, February 28, 2014

Into the White (2012) Norway

A true story that happened in WWII you might never heard.

Drama | War

     It was inspired by the true story but made few changes in script to look dissimilar to other similar plot movies. But still people are comparing it to movies like 'No Man's Land' and 'Hell in the Pacific'. This Norwegian movie had international cast. A couple English and a trio Germans. It was almost an English language movie, except in few parts where German soldiers speak German.

     Unlike other fictional stories this movie was breathtaking. The whole movie was shot in a wooden cabin which located in the snow covered no man's land. That setting reminded me the Charles Chaplin's 'The Gold Rush'. Don't mistake it as a pure war movie, it was a drama with a backdrop of second world war. You can see only men with a soldier's suit and guns which they never use it.

     This movie tells the certain parts of the story that happened back in 1940. The filmmakers chose to tell only the drama parts, but I wanted the rest of the story. Like when they were taken back to the nearby English soldier camp what happen to the German prisoners. Of course they said it in words during before the end credits roll up. But I am eager to see it in a movie because I love movies.

     I think Rupert Grint had a good role other than he had in the Harry Potter series or any other recent his movies. The rest of the guys were also given their solid performances, especially Germans cast and their characters were so diverse. It was an unbelievable true story, glad to know it through this fine movie. All the thanks to the cast and crew for this wonderful drama.

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