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Little Wing (2016) Finland

When one parent's failing, the kid needs another.

Original title:
Tittö Nimeltä Varpu (Finnish)


Approximately 6-minute read.

     This is the second Finnish film for me in a week. '...Olli Maki' was a sport-biopic, but this one is a simple fictional drama. All woman team, watching it on the occasion around Women's day make it a special. The story was not impressive enough. Lacks the originality, but overall decently made film.

     A coming-of-age theme that tells about Varpu who just turned 12. She lives with her mother, who is a character of underage. There's nothing bad about her, but she feels the world is a very complicated place and complaints a lot like a tween for even small small things.

     Since the Varpu is growing up fast, thinks her mother is failing to handle a girl like her age. So that leads her to look for her dad who she had never seen before. A little adventure on that, followed by issues surrounding it, how she overcomes and put her life back one track are the remaining parts to reveal us.

     Anybody who had seen the handsome of films in their life would think this film is just okay. That's true, yet I won't say it was a bad attempt. In fact, in some of the parts, the story won't advance as you think. The writing was neat, except lags a bit often, but that did not cause any annoyance.

     The entire story was told from a teenager's perspective, yet very matured from the contents wise. Like the tough decision to venture is to clear the doubts once and for all. What she discovered did not surprise as that's how her life had been so far. She's been with her mother all her life, so it was particularly to learn about her father.

 She was so sweet and wise right from the start. Now she's dying or suffering somewhere, because I'm so retarded. 

     There's no way the film could have been better than this. Because the message was nicely conveyed. Altering that would have given a different film, which is not the notion, I believe. Especially a girl who discovers what her parents truly are, I mean their capacity. Clearly her life begins onwards to be an adult in early age.

     The casting was so good. The three looked like an average real family. It was done without much hype. Like, you know, the mystery of dad was solved after some dramatic twist, but everything was kept within the limits. Especially most of the viewers would be looking for the Varpu's driving skill which they think could influence to bring a twist in the tale. But what follows is a twist to our anticipation. By the way the girl was excellent. I think she will be a fine actress.

     The cliches were not overused, instead it was used to shape up the story in its diversions. Whenever the narration reached its dead end, the following events quickly hops on a new path with fresh developments. This happened, particularly on two major occasions in which the first was after finding her dad and the next was after knowing his true identity.

     At that point, the film was almost done narrating the tale. Only finishing touch with little explanation was given on a few things. It is a good conclusion and quite enjoyable overall film. So I think the film's not for everyone. This is especially for those watches with admiration like with enthusiasm than those who watch it for no reason and interest. In simple words, for film fanatics and family audience. I said lots of positives, so you might think I would recommend it highly, but I won't. Instead, semi-recommended for overall readers.

Suitable for:
Tween, Teen, Adult, All

Final verdict:
Ignore, Bad, Average, Good, Excellent

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