Friday, December 15, 2017

Madrasi Da (2017) India

What it would be like being a Madrasi!

TV Movie, Comedy.

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     I often watch stand-up comedies, following that I usually skip reviewing them. I don't know why, maybe because they look more a reality show than the cinematic products that I love. But recently I've changed my mind and did a few brief reviews. Probably this my first feature review. One of the reasons I am doing it was for I directly related to the title. No, I'm not a Madrasi nor any comedy material have something to do with me and my life, but a Tamil. Yes, if you are one too, then you would enjoy it more than anybody else, despite it is in English language. It is more like a Tanglish, just like 'Why This Kolaveri Di'

     Some jokes can't be translated in other languages with the same meaning and words. So that's where the subtitle becomes useless. But at least, with a familiar of Tamil culture and tradition, one can have a decent time with it. Never heard before the name Aravind Subramanian. Seems he had done many shows as looking at his popularity, but this is the first time I'm seeing him. Thanks to digital world. He's really good at narrating stories with humorous. Like all the Stand-up comedies, this is too for the adults. There are many sexual related comedy plots, especially breaking cultural barrier ones.

 Girls! No giggling in the class today. And boys! Hands up. 

     The best thing about it is, you should be the 90s kid to ensure you enjoy it thoroughly. Some of the topics he referred has connections with how the life has been in the 90s and the early 00s. From family to the friends and relative, all the good and bad things that happened to Madrasis during grow up were told so funnily. From how to get a girlfriend to the long distance relationship and breakups, the troubles the youth had faced reveled. In some instance comparing lifestyle with foreign land. The topics were vast, easily one of the best an hour of your life that might remind your past/childhood too.

     One of the things I liked was the sex topic. The sex education in India is still lagging behind. Many consider it a taboo. Even teachers struggling to teach their students. So when young parents or soon to be parents exposed to such comedy shows, they will break away from such religious trap. Besides, the name Madrasi was given by North Indians to almost entire South India. But in reality it is a misunderstood term. Want to know what real Madrasi looks like. I mean culturally and lifestyle, this show is a good way to learn. But most of it just for fun than to consider it a fact or believing in it. If you are a Tamil and an adult, then it is a must watch. For the rest of the Southern Indians, as well as North Indians, it'll do fine too. Viewers beyond that might struggle a bit to get, but still worth it.

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